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Welcome to Unitech Pest & Termite Control in St. Louis, MO

90 Days guarantee
Unitech Pest and Termite Control employs some the most highly-trained professionals in the industry. Our pest control professionals are second to none. We offer flexible scheduling and prompt service. And we guarantee 100% satisfaction! Unitech Pest and Termite Control will customize a Pest Treatment Package that is specific for your needs. We will guarantee that the treated room/area will remain free of pests for ninety days or we will further treat the affected room/area at no additional charge to you.
Our Mission
To provide the highest quality pest services in the Midwest. To provide accurate information to our customers while helping to provide a pest-free environment. Our commitment to the planet and a greener environment is unmatched by any other company. All services we provide are safe and guaranteed.
Great Customer Service at a fair price
We're a family company, so we don't have to answer to public stockholders. When we make a promise, we stand behind it; our family reputation and tradition is very dear to us. It's part of our history, and will be our future. In a world that is becoming more and more disposable, longevity can sometimes seem a bit old-fashioned. But at Unitech Pest and Termite Control, it is our belief that excellence will never go out of style, and that treating people (and customers) the way you wish to be treated is the secret to success in business, and in life. These are the core values of our company and will continue to remain our mission.

Allen Stagner, Owner Unitech Pest and Termite Control