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Mosquito Control, St. Louis

Free mosquito Inspection

If you would like us to send a certified inspector to assess and inspect your home or business, FREE OF CHARGE, give us a call right away at (314) 558 - 4847, or book an online appointment and choose a time that is best for you!

Some Questions and Answers

Will the treatment affect my fish pond or swimming pool?

Do the mosquitoes in my area pose a health risk to myself and my family?

Do you service commercial accounts?

How much does treatment cost?

Will the rain affect my treatment?

Is there an all natural treatment option?

How long does it take to do the treatment? And how long will it last?

Will you kill all of the mosquitoes on my property?

Is the spraying dangerous to me and my family?

Do I need to worry about mosquitoes in the winter time?

Do those new propane mosquito traps I've seen in the stores really work?

How do mosquitoes breed, and what can be done to stop them?

Do all mosquitoes spread disease?